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Cooking Classes

Create and enjoy authentic Greek dishes from handpicked ingredients to immerse yourself in the Greek culture.

The dishes you will cook are part of a Mediterranean diet, which have many health benefits such as:

  • reduced risk of heart disease and strokes

  • increase longevity and agility

  • reduced risk of Alzheimer and diabetes 

All herbs and seasonal products used in the class and at the restaurant are from local island growers.  The classes will take place in the  garden for you to be able to enjoy touching and smelling the herbs and vegetable that you will be cooking with. 

The lesson includes:​

  • Hands-on, group participation 

  • Prepare 3 course of starter, main course and dessert 

  • Tasting and enjoying your new culinary creations 

  • All utensils are provided, recipes to take home 



Our menus are authentic, seasonal, and locally adjusted based on the seasonality of the ingredients.  


Weekly dishes demonstrated vary according to your curious cooking vacation. We welcome every opportunity to show old traditional recipes and suggestions are welcome!


See you soon!


Cooking Class Schedule

The cost of the cooking class is: 55€ per person. Beverages are extra. 


Cooking classes begin on May 30th, 2024!


Contact us to sign up for a class. 


Holidays and celebrations in Ithaca:

  • May 1: Welcome in spring, collect wild flowers and make wreaths which are hung on their doors, to welcome nature.

  • May 10: Mothers day 

  • May 23: The celebratory festive day of Ithaca patron saint Ioakeim  Papoulakis - whose remains are transferred from St Barbara to Stavros Church with a multitude of faithful, priest, marching band and local authorities. 

  • June 8: Religious day - the day of the Holy Spirit

  • June 21: Father's Day

  • July 17: celebration Day of St Marina, a street party in Exoghi

  • July 20: celebration of St Elias, a street party in Kioni 

  • August 5 & 6: Stavros celebrates the Savior, a 2-day street party

  • August 10: celebration of Saint Nikoloas, a street party in Frikes  

  • August 15: celebration of the Assumption of Mary, celebrated in Platrithia 

  • September 8: celebration of the of the Nativity of the Theotokos at the Kathara Monastery

  • October: Celebrate the sardine run at Polis Bay

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